Phil Joly - Chief Engineer - Electric Lady Studios:

"Zach Irvin has been a valuable part of Electric Lady's tight-knit internship team, working with us full-time from April through December of 2016 and continuing to apprentice into January of 2017. His commitment and dedication to the studio him as an early candidate for employment and further training in an assistant role. He has assisted on live sessions for video as well as providing second assistant duties for many session setups and breakdowns. From the start, it was evident that he understood the particular care and attention to detail that we look for in our staff, ensuring the best possible recording environment for our clientele.  He has continually proven his ability to see jobs to completion, calling on team members when appropriate and handling tasks that he saw fit to complete on his own. He has shown a constant interest in learning, asking questions at the right times and being sure to acknowledge the privacy of sessions in doing so. Zach always made himself available when we needed an extra hand and has been one of the most reliable, dedicated members of our intern team that I've seen. His bright personality and professional attitude will surely be a great addition to any team."


John Hayes - Owner / Operations Manager - Tremont Music Hall:

"Tremont Music Hall is Charlotte NCs premier live music venue. We operate two venues under one roof, the Casbah (a 400 capacity music venue) and the Tremont Music Hall (a 950 capacity music venue). Zach was a live sound engineer for our venue for nearly 2 years and was a valuable asset to our company. He has a talent for providing excellent sound and interfacing with musicians across all genres of music in an especially challenging environment. Zach is level headed and provides a excellent aural experience both for fans and for bands. Zach is also very capable with respect to troubleshooting and fixing issues associated with hardware as well as software for lighting systems, many times these issues arise during the show and Zach handles them with great poise. Please feel free to contact me for a personal reference for Zach."


Don Hooker - National Accounts Manager - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I had the pleasure of working with Zach for several years at Muzak. He brings his creative talent, as well as a great sense of humor and passion to deliver a superior product for his client. Any company looking for a true team player would be lucky to have him."


Dawn Henderson-McNair - Voice Consultant - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I had the pleasure of working with Zach for several years at Mood Media formerly Muzak LLC. Zach was the Audio Production Engineer assigned to our National/Major accounts team. Zach's professionalism, positive attitude, attention to detail and knowledge of his craft made him a master at his job and a major asset to our team and the company. Zach would get it right every time! I would without hesitation recommend Zach for any position he seeks."


Chuck Walker - Director of Licensing - Muzak LLC:

"While working with Zach for a number of years Zach produced thousands of hours of commercial, corporate and private sound and video productions always with a professional eye towards excellence and proved distinction in his craft. Zach has extensive experience with various Digital Audio Equipment designs as the technology evolved over the years. His professional attitude and personality contributed highly to the demanding workload and moral of the team effort. I recommend Zach highly in high level production environments at elevated levels of corporate grading or the intense environment of the independent producer."


George Washington, III - Professional Voice Actor - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I worked with Zach numerous times as a voice artist recording for Muzak/Mood. His work was always outstanding, allowing us to move through our assignments quickly and efficiently. Many of these included a large amount of scripts to be completed in a very short amount of time, and we were always able to get it done. I would strongly recommend Zach to anyone looking for competent, professional audio work."


Anthony Smith "That Guy Smitty" - Music Programmer / DJ / Producer - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I had the pleasure to work with Zachary during my tenure at Muzak and have always found him to be passionate and professional in his work. He always had a positive attitude and his recording and production skills top notch. I would gladly work with him again."


Catherine Smith - Professional Voice Actor / Live Event Emcee - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"Zachary is great to work with and a real team player. During our time at Muzak, we worked together regularly to deliver our best for the client - often going above and beyond to make sure they were satisfied. That's the kind of effort you want on your team."


Bob Cauley - Vice President of Voice Department - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"Zachary is a very talented, technically knowledgeable, and focused worker. As an audio engineer and producer Zachary and I worked on many special projects together. I found him to be easy to work with, open to direction and a hard worker. I would recommend him to any organization without reservation."


Douglas Neems - Voice Production Manager - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"Zach is a very focused and detail oriented employee. I'd describe him as self-motivated and goal driven. He has excellent interpersonal skills and I would not hesitate to recommend him for future employment."


Nancy Brennan - Professional Voice Actor - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"Zach is a talented engineer with a keen ear. He possesses the ability to direct voice-over talent and extract their best performance, while still maintaining a professional business relationship."


Harriet Coffey - Professional Voice Actor - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"As one of the most heavily requested voice talents at Mood Media, Fort Mill, SC, formerly Muzak, my job was to go into the studio to voice as many nationally distributed on-hold and in-store messages as quickly and as totally accurate as possible. As my audio engineer for many years, Zachary Irvin's amiable personality and solid work ethic removed a lot of pressure that would otherwise have hindered the sessions. Fast and always precise with his editing, Zachary's production skill was impeccable and his eye for detail very keen. If ever the occasional voicing error was made during the session, Zachary immediately caught and corrected it. Which saved time, energy and money by eliminating the need to have the work returned for another talent or me to re-voice. I remember Zachary as reliably punctual, always prepared and helpful when needed. I can say with total honesty that I looked forward to my sessions with Zachary Irving as my engineer."


Elizabeth Chatham - Voice Consultant - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I was privileged to work with Zach Irvin at Muzak/Mood Media, and found him to be an extremely talented and creative professional. As well as expertly accomplishing any "standard" production or recording tasks requested of him, Zach was always open to experimenting with new techniques or suggesting a fresh approach to create more effective and unique audio productions. His mastery of his craft, attention to detail, and unflagging enthusiasm made him an invaluable asset to me, the company, and our clients. Zach is a true artist, and would be an exceptional addition to any team."


Bruce McKagan - Vice President - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"Having worked with Zach for over 5 years he continuously demonstrated quality workmanship, a positive attitude, a pro-active approach with a thirst to learn and produce. I highly recommend Zach Irvin."


Cathy Moran - Voice Consultant - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I had the pleasure of working with Zachary at Muzak LLC for many years. I can say without doubt, that Zachary was always professional and went above and beyond the requirements of his position in my dealings with him. He was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable as a production engineer."


Brandy Hammond - Copywriter - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I worked with Zach for many years at Muzak. We shared the responsibility of creating productions for both client and corporate use. I wrote copy and Zach brought it to life. What I came to respect most was Zach’s willingness to ask for clarification of my intent or to offer suggestions that could make the product better. Zach was always focused on crafting high-quality deliverables – he never let ego get in his way. During the time I worked with Zach, I came to knew him as a trustworthy, reliable man of character whose dedication to production perfection far exceeded other engineers. Zach has a keen ear and excels at everything from talent direction and music/sound effect selection to amazing editing and superior technical knowledge. Simply put, if you’re in the market, Zach won’t let you down."


Fred Petty - Voice Consultant / Voice Actor - Muzak LLC / Mood Media:

"I worked with Zach while we were both at Muzak/Mood Media. Our most direct interaction came while I was serving as voice talent and Zach was producer/engineer of the voice-over recording session. I found Zach to be very professional, very focused and detail-oriented and would always take that extra step to make sure the end result was the absolute best it could be. Zach would be an outstanding addition to any team."